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“Off The Front” (OTF) Omnium

The Off The Front Omnium is a 4 event/ 3 day bicycle race held in the Fresno/Hanford area. Each race offers a different discipline of cycling, including Time Trialing, Flat Power, and small hill climbs. There are 4 races, Tivy Valley TT, Ventana Hills TT and the Granville Homes Circuit Race and the long time running Hanford Criterium. These events will be held on the weekend of March 20th through 22nd. Each event will reward racers with points & prizes depending on their finishing position. The points will be tallied at the end of the tfourth race for each category and an overall Omnium winner will be declared. These races not only help the local cycling community grow, they help benefit Off The Front, a 501c3 that helps kids in the race of life.

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